Designboard HDPE UV Weatherable Sheet


► Polymers that are not UV stable will change both in appearance and molecular structure when continually exposed to direct sunlight, and over time can be come brittle, crack, warp, change color, etc.
► UV stabilizers in polymers act by absorbing UV radiation and dissipate the absorbed energy as low level heat. The chemicals are similar to those found in sunscreen which protect the skin from UV attack
► Designboard HDPE is manufactured with a highly weatherable UV stabilized package intended to improve durability and weatherability, while greatly reducing UV surface degradation caused by direct / indirect sunlight , or other UV light sources
► Designboard HDPE provides enhanced color performance for use in outdoor applications. The pigments and color concentrates used within Designboard are the best weathering pigments available in the marketplace
► When Designboard is placed in direct sunlight, testing has shown no significant change to color over time
► Vycom performs QUV accelerated weather testing on Designboard HDPE to observe color shift and material degradation, and noted no significant changes to color or material properties over time