Acriglas Woven Silk Clear Acrylic Sheet

Acriglas Woven Silk, Clear Textured Acrylic Sheet

Acriglas Impressions, Clear Acrylic Sheet with Woven Silk texture, provides a delicate diffusion pattern for obscuring background objects while allowing for optimal light transmission. Light brushing on both sides of the sheets reduces both glare and resists fingerprints on the acrylic sheet surface.

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The Acriglas Impressions Arylic Sheet Series adds depth and dimension to your colored or clear acrylic sheet. Acriglas® custom colored acrylic sheet is created by you, the designer, for use in architectural applications such as lighting, store fixtures, furniture, point of purchase displays, signage, novelty, accessories, and glazing.

All sheet sizes are “nominal” to allow for cutting blade kerf.

Thickness tolerances are typically +/- 10% of the overall thickness of the sheet which is normal for cast acrylic sheet.

Pattern in photo may not be to actual scale.

Actual Color in photo is representative, but may vary due to photography, monitor, and lighting conditions.

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Data is based on “typical properties” and may vary based on product variations, such as color, embedments, thickness, or other unique factors.

Acriglas Acrylic Sheet – Physical Properties Sheet

Acriglas Acrylic Sheet – Flammability Information

Acriglas Acrylic Sheet – MSDS

Acriglas Acrylic Sheet – Thickness Tolerances

Acriglas Acrylic Sheet – Typical Light Transmission


Acriglas Cell Cast Acrylic Sheet can be fabricated in the same manner as other cell cast acrylic sheet products, using typical plastic and woodworking equipment and techniques.  Due to the uniques compositions of some acriglas acrylic sheet products, some special procedures may need to be observed in regard to cutting, thermoforming, bending, gluing, or finishing.  Please feel free to call our technical services department with any questions you may have regarding the fabrication or use of this product at (800) 222-4680.